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Disclaimer e-mail


This message is intended only for the addressee (s ) . The information in this report and / or in the appendices attached to this message may be confidential and may be protected by intellectual property rights. If you are not the addressee of this message, we kindly ask you to destroy this message and any attachment (s) immediately and / or to delete without knowledge of their meaning and notify us immediately. Disclosure, copying, distribution and / or giving this information to third parties without the prior written consent of Elektoor foundation is not allowed.
Elektoor assumes no liability for the use of e – mail and does not guarantee the correct and complete transmission of the contents of an e -mail, or for its timely receipt. The content of an attachment to this e-mail may contain a virus that damages your computer system. We have taken steps to reduce that risk. Liability for damage caused by a virus we expressly exclude. You need before opening the attachment to check the attachment for the presence of viruses.